Monthly Archives: November 2012

Our Newspaper, Today and Tomorrow

For University of Arkansas junior, Josh Taylor, sorting through the day’s news can become a chore.  As he flips through one of the several newspapers found on campus, Taylor scoffs at the placement of certain advertisements and wonders what the future holds for news publishers. Ask any expert, and they will tell you; print journalism […]

Translating Election Results: The Future of Governing Philosophy

With roughly two weeks now separating us from election night, many Americans are still wondering how some of the results may translate for the country’s future.  Some seem to believe that the governing philosophies among the nation’s voters are beginning to make a dramatic shift. There is no doubt that history was made in several […]

Arkansas is Getting High

Come Tuesday, one particular issue on the state’s ballot this year could have some Arkansans seeing green. For the first time in Arkansas, and the South, voters will be able to decide whether or not to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana throughout the state this election year.  What was once considered a long-shot by […]