Finding Miss Bikes, Blues and BBQ

It has long been said that when putting on a show or hosting an event, you save the best for last.  But how exactly do you close out the country’s fourth largest bike rally and leave its thousands of visitors going home with a grin?  It’s actually quite simple.  You end it with a bathing suit competition.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any scruffy bikers donning leather Speedos – not this year, at least.  This contest is to see who will go home with the coveted title of 2012’s Miss BBB and a check for $1,500.

This year’s Miss BBB competition is sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys and the BAM Roadside Assistance Program.  It is organized and administered by one of Northwest Arkansas’s very own modeling and talent agencies, Faces, Inc. Agencies.

For a hopeful contestant, the road to becoming Miss BBB began Sept. 6, with the first of five preliminary contests hosted by Jose’s Streetside in Fayetteville, Ark. and Jose’s Southwest Grill in Springfield, Mo.  University of Arkansas student and self-professed hippie, Angela McArthur, was among the contestants during this first round of judging.

“There are ten contestants for every preliminary contest,” she explained, who entered the competition on a whim after hearing about the potential cash prizes.  “Each winner gets $100 at the end of each round, and moves forward to the semi-finals.”

The first portion of the semi-finals took place Thursday night, at Jose’s Streetside.  The winners will be judged again alongside the “out-of-towners,” who were unable to participate in the previous contests, Friday night at 10 p.m.

McArthur is among those semi-finalists hoping to become Miss BBB and take home the grand prize of $1,500.  But, in her opinion, she faces stiff competition.

“There are some really cool girls,” she said of her opponents.  “One of the girls competing had a baby only 19 weeks ago, and she’s hot as sh*t!”

Each contestant, according to McArthur, walks out onto the stage individually.  After each has had their turn, they all return to center stage together for their judging.  According to the rally’s executive director, Joe Giles, the judges for this competition were hand chosen by himself and colleague, Event Director Colsen Burns.  These judges, and pals of Giles and Burns, are grizzled veterans when it comes to studying women in bikinis.

But on what exactly the contestants are judged on, McArthur does not know.

“We just go out there and dance a little,” she said as she laughed.  “They judge us on a point system, but they never tell us what exactly we’re being judged for.”  McArthur explained that her particular key to success on stage is to just have fun with it, and to excite the judges as best she can.

Friday night’s semi-finals are to take place at 10 p.m., at The Latco Pavilion of the Washington Country Fairgrounds.  The Miss BBB final follows, at midnight, on the mainstage of the Coors Light Beer Garden on Dickson Street.

When asked whether she is more excited or nervous about the upcoming competition, McArthur quickly replied with a broad grin, “Oh, I’m definitely excited.”


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