Introducing Laura Wohlford

Laura Wohlford is only 19, and she has the heart of a true humanitarian.

A native of Fayetteville, Ark., Wohlford knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career that would grant her the opportunity to serve others in need.  Despite initial plans to attend John Brown University in Siloam Springs, she instead accepted a full-ride scholarship to her parents’ alma mater, the University of Arkansas.  There she would begin studies in pre-med, a decision she attributes to her conviction to give back.

Wohlford would soon realize that her ability to help others was not dependent on a degree in medicine, and thus changed her major to pursue a career in law.  A focus in law would then become a focus in communication, and then English then broadcasting.  Eventually, she would settle into a major in Advertising and Public Relations in order to hasten her graduation and her plans to do great things for others.

“If you can write well, you can do anything,” said Wolhford when asked how she plans on using her education to give back to those in need.  She hopes to continuously advance her writing skills so that she may use them in such a way to bring about positive change.

Wohlford also mentioned a desire to teach as a way of helping others, and that if she could choose anywhere to do so, it would be somewhere in Latin America.  Of her peers, most are unaware of her ability to speak fluent Spanish.  She added that this, paired with a good understanding of the business aspect of it all, was necessary to be most effective.

With so much ahead of her, Wohlford said others might consider finishing in the top 10 at a national figure skating competition in 2010 as her greatest accomplishment so far.  But she does not credit it as her proudest moment.  Her proudest moment came after she participated in a film that was shown to many attending a girls’ retreat.  Wohlford could see the film had touched some of the audience members.  “It was really cool to be able to affect people that way,” she said.

Whether it is through film or as a teacher in South America, you can expect Laura Wohlford to help others when there is a need.  With a long road ahead of this college student, she is well on her way to seeing her dreams become reality.


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