For University of Arkansas junior, Josh Taylor, sorting through the day’s news can become a chore.  As he flips through one of the several newspapers found on campus, Taylor scoffs at the placement of certain advertisements and wonders what the future holds for news publishers. Ask any expert, and they will tell you; print journalism […]


With roughly two weeks now separating us from election night, many Americans are still wondering how some of the results may translate for the country’s future.  Some seem to believe that the governing philosophies among the nation’s voters are beginning to make a dramatic shift. There is no doubt that history was made in several […]

Come Tuesday, one particular issue on the state’s ballot this year could have some Arkansans seeing green. For the first time in Arkansas, and the South, voters will be able to decide whether or not to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana throughout the state this election year.  What was once considered a long-shot by […]

After months of consideration, and a lengthy meeting with the public, the members of the Washington County Quorum Court voted in favor of an ordinance that would allow Northwest Arkansas Quarries to continue using addition land near Springdale, Ark. under a Conditional Use Permit. Since being granted permission to use an original 120 acres of […]

A flash mob can most often be described as a phenomenon that happens quickly, as a random group begins dancing together in a public place and without more reason than as entertainment.  But the flash mob to take place in Fayetteville, Ark. this weekend, and brainchild of Dr. Eve Agee and Jeanette DePatie, takes on […]

It has long been said that when putting on a show or hosting an event, you save the best for last.  But how exactly do you close out the country’s fourth largest bike rally and leave its thousands of visitors going home with a grin?  It’s actually quite simple.  You end it with a bathing […]

Laura Wohlford is only 19, and she has the heart of a true humanitarian. A native of Fayetteville, Ark., Wohlford knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career that would grant her the opportunity to serve others in need.  Despite initial plans to attend John Brown University in Siloam Springs, she instead accepted […]